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Football Pickem: Current Draft Status

First, I want to apologize for the confusing poll for the playoff draft picks. Most of you got one of the teams you picked. I should have opened the poll to where you could see everyone's picks. Did you really think the top 4 teams in the playoffs would have made it that far down in the draft? For those who 3 picks didn't make the cut, I gave you the next best available team according to NFL.com.

11 of the top 12 have made picks. If sauce1977 doesn't submit any picks in time, then he will be skipped in the draft and we pick up our first alternate for the 12th draft pick, which will be ascillady.

Here are your draft picks:
1)taybar19           New England Patriots
2)arasnaem           Green Bay Packers
3)tranced_one        Indianapolis Colts
4)njlorelei          Dallas Cowboys
5)movieeditor        San Diego Chargers
6)gadaev             New York Giants
7)fsfwannabe         Seattle Seahawks
sauce1977	     NO PICK
8)bandcqulsj	     Jacksonville Jaguars
9)georgiarepublic    Pittsburgh Steelers
10)odinokivolk	     Tampa Bay Bucs
11)xashley	     Tennessee Titans
12)ascillady	     Washington Redskins

This week's matchups:

ascillady @ fsfwannabe
bandcqulsj @ georgiarepublic
gadaev @ odinokivolk
xashley @ movieeditor

1st round byes: taybar19, arasnaem, tranced_one, and njlorelei

This is subject to change if sauce1977 makes his picks.
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