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Superbowl Pickem

Superbowl Pickem: Over/Under

The goal is to get as close to 0 as you can. If you go over the amount, your points will go up. If you are under, your points will go down.

The deadline for your entry is the kickoff.

All comments will be screened.

Section 1: Points
In this section, your guesses will be in points

Arizona Cardinals' Final Score:
Pittsburgh Steelers' Final Score:
By how many points will the winner win by:
1st Quarter points:
2nd Quarter points:
3rd Quarter points:
4th Quarter points:

Section 2: Yards
In this section, your guesses will be in yards

Combined total yards for both teams:
Rushing yards for Arizona Cardinals:
Rushing yards for Pittsburgh Steelers:
Passing yards for Arizona Cardinals:
Passing yards for Pittsburgh Steelers:
Longest Rushing Play:
Longest Passing Play:
Longest Field Goal Made:
Shortest Field Goal Made(Doesn't include extra points):
Longest Touchdown:
Combined Total Penalty yards:

Section 3: Other Stats
In this section, you will be guessing how many

Total Penalties:
Combined total sacks:
Combined total # of Punts:
Combined total # of turnovers:
First Downs for Arizona Cardinals:
First Downs for Pittsburgh Steelers:
Passing Attempts for Kurt Warner:
Passing Attempts for Ben Roethlisberger:
Running Plays for Arizona Cardinals:
Running Plays for Pittsburgh Steelers:
Total number of play reviews/challenges:
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